TedOS: The Expectant Dad Operating System. A Notion dashboard for dads-to-be

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TedOS: The Expectant Dad Operating System. A Notion dashboard for dads-to-be

The New Fatherhood
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Hey there!

I’m here to tell you a little bit about The Expectant Dad Operating System (TedOS), a Notion dashboard to help you get ready for the birth of your little one, save time along the way, and be the very best partner you can be.

I’ve spent the last two years writing The New Fatherhood. It’s the internet’s fastest-growing fatherhood newsletter, a place for dads with feelings, and a group of folks trying to be better dads.

The #1 email I’ve received over the years has been consistent:

“I’ve got a baby on the way. Help!“

Because there isn’t a manual. And whilst there are enough parenting books to fill a thousand bookshelves, the fatherhood ones are hit-and-miss, at best. Plus, you don’t have the time to read half a dozen 300-page-books-that-could-have-been-a-blogpost in a hope of landing on the best one. And yes, we all love a good book, but wouldn’t it be better if they came with the actual tools you’d need to help you through the process?

This is why I’ve created TedOS. To help dads with a baby on the way. So they can know what they need to know, better understand how becoming a dad is going to feel; and get a leg-up on looking into all the important decisions they need to make, the gear they need to buy, and all the things they need to do

I’ve pulled it all together in Notion, a tool best described as “Apple Notes on steroids” which means you can install this on your laptop, your phone, your iPad, or whatever screen you need, when you need it. I’ve been using Notion for years now, and I would be entirely lost without it. A guide is included, along with walkthrough videos, to help you get used to it. If you’re used to using something like Slack, Trello, Teams, Asana, Clickup, or other types of creative collaboration tools you won’t struggle using Notion.

I've spent over 100 hours putting this together—crawling the web, writing over 30 original essays, reading all the books, tapping into the hive mind of the 10,000 dads who read The New Fatherhood and contribute to our weekly discussion threads. I’ve spent all that time, so you can get a headstart on everything else. You can simply download this, start using it, and hell, I don’t mind, claim you did all this work on your own. I won’t tell.

We approach so many aspects of our life with a ruthless focus on productivity, optimisation, and a focus on working smarter, not harder. Why should approaching fatherhood be any different?

I'm so happy you made it here. And excited for where fatherhood will take you.

Let’s get going.

— Kevin

What is TedOS?

As an expectant dad, you're probably feeling all kinds of emotions: excitement, anticipation, and maybe even a little fear. Don't worry. This is completely normal. TedOS has been handcrafted to hold your hand through everything you need as you walk this path towards fatherhood, a product that’s built from the ground up to be everything you need to welcome a tiny human into the world

What's in the box?

  • A master pregnancy to-do list (with the ability to easily add your own items) containing everything you need to think about, organise and get ready, with progress bars keeping you on track
  • Collaboration tools built-in, meaning you can share this with your significant other and keep in sync across whatever devices you're using
  • Buying guides to help you find the perfect stroller, crib, car seat, baby monitors, baby carrier and more.
  • Short essays from The New Fatherhood on topics like: essential conversations to have with your partner, how to support them during the pregnancy, what to expect during the birth, common challenges for new dads, the role for dad in breastfeeding.
  • Tips and tricks on saving money through buying pre-loved baby gear, which items need to be purchased, and how to avoid getting suckered in by new baby marketing
  • Insight from a global community of dads, offering advice on how to deal with stress, changing careers after a child, keeping fit with a baby, staying organised, and more
  • Recommendations galore to help you on your journey to becoming a dad: podcasts, apps, books and more
  • Tools to help you manage baby budgets, daily dad-to-be journalling, planning for the first year, tracking key milestones and building better habits
  • Advice and resources on how to get mentally prepared for the opportunities ahead
  • A guide to the post-partum period, and advice and tips for when times get hard (which they may)
  • 100+ hours of research and work done that I'm quite happy for you to pass off as your own 😉


How does it work?
After purchasing, you'll be given a link to download this dashboard, and add it to your own free Notion account. This will give you access to TedOS on your laptop, tablet and mobile, and will be instantly synchronised across all devices, meaning you can access it whenever, wherever, and be ready for anything.

What is Notion? Do I need to buy it?
Do not fear. Notion is an intuitive, highly customisable tool that comes with a Personal plan meaning you can use TedOS without having to pay anything extra.

Why is this in Notion? Why is it not an app? Can you see my version of it?
Notion allows you to duplicate your own version of TedOS, meaning it is fully editable and customisable. Once you duplicate the Notion page to your own Personal space, it is completely yours—I cannot see what you write, or any updates that you make on your local copy.

Is this really worth $60?
I spent 100+ hours researching books, collating reviews, pulling together Reddit threads and working with 10,000 dads to bring it all together in one place. I've designed this with a bias towards action, with ongoing indicators allowing you to see the progress being made as you get ready for the birth of your child. This product also supports parity pricing, so the cost may vary based on where you are in the world.

What's all of this about a Community Edition? And aren't you really torturing this Windows XP thing here?
What Windows XP thing? And the community edition is exactly that—it comes with one year access to The New Fatherhood community. It's an app where we share parenting highlights and guide each other through tough times. It's like having a fatherhood Bat-Signal in your pocket, available 24/7. It's normally $60 a year, but comes with a 33% discount if you purchase alongside TedOS.

Do you have a refund policy?
Absolutely. If you feel TedOS hasn't provided you with any value, write to me within 30 days and I'll give you a no-quibble refund.

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Instant access to a Notion dashboard filled with 100+ hours of research, input from 10,000+ dads, and everything you need to be ready to welcome a tiny human into your lives.


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